Pedestrian Bridge and 2 stairtowers Halle Belgium

A8 Halle België

Pedestrian bridge and 2 stair towers A8 Halle (Belgium)


Commissioned by our client Stadsbader we have assembled a pedestrian bridge and 2 stair towers at the A8 motorway in Halle Belgium.

The Project concerns a pedestrian bridge with a length of 33,6 mtr and 4,3 mtr wide.

The bridge is assembled as a complete welded steel construction with on both sides trusses made of box sections.

On two sides of the bridge stainless steel railings were used with stainless steel mesh.

The coating consists of a metalised layer and a top coating that was applied completely under our own supervision.

The bridge deck is equipped with an adhesive primer and an epoxy resin slurry as a top layer.

The bridge was transported at 1 piece by truck to its final destination.

The assembly was carried out under great time pressure and precision, because the complete A8 motorway had to be closed and the desired tolerance of the construction was minimal.

All in all, a very challenging job that was completed to 100% satisfaction.


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